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Why choose Certified Organic?

Kelapa products are 100% natural (plant based) and are made with organic ingredients certified by ‘Australian Certified Organic’. Nature has provided us with a wealth of beautifully gentle and nourishing oils, and it’s these we base our products on.

Now more than ever people are choosing organic products to avoid harsh chemical additives in both food, and beauty. Please refer to our ingredient listing for a detailed view of our active ingredients.

Australian Certified Organic

Our organic skin & hair care products proudly carry the Australian Certified Organic ‘bud’ logo. This logo is widely recognised and is a respected symbol of integrity for you, the consumer.

Here are 7 reasons why you should choose products that have the ACO logo, as published by Australian Organic.

  1. Choosing certified organic means you are looking after the environment.
  2. Certified organic products are the only true free range products.
  3. It is real natural ingredients that are beneficial for your health.
  4. Because if you can’t eat it; you shouldn’t put it on your skin! Products with the ACO logo do not use any synthetic colouring agents, fragrances, ethoxylated ingredients, silicones, paraffin or petroleum. All ingredients used are natural and effective and there is NO animal testing at all.
  5. It is grown GM free and made without nanotechnology.
  6. Because it is 100% socially responsible.
  7. Because the ‘bud’ logo is a logo with integrity Australian Certified Organic has one of the strictest and most thorough food regulatory programs in the world.

This also reassures you that the product ingredients we have chosen have reached the high ethical standards required as per ACO (Australian Certified Organic) guidelines.