Dry Winter Hair Sucks. 5 Tips To Avoid It.

If cold days and nights are wrecking your hair game, check out these tips to banish dry winter hair during the cool season. Treating your tresses to extra hydration, using toxin-free organic shampoo and conditioner and committing to deep conditioning is the way to go.

Keep washing to a minimum

Just like skin, when hair is washed too frequently in winter, it can really dry out. While it’s tempting to shampoo and condition daily, especially if you’re hair is on the greasy side, during winter 2 or 3 times a week is better. Overwashing in winter can really strip the scalp of essential oils; hair becomes brittle, flatter and that shiny, shine will be nowhere to be found. A flaky, itchy scalp is a dead giveaway of dried out tresses.

Even if you’re dialling back on wash days, you still want to be using a quality shampoo and conditioner, free of the toxins, like parabens, that only make the flakiness worse.  Opting for organic shampoo and conditioners free from chemical nasties is the way to go.

Our organic shampoo and conditioner team are the made with nourishing, natural ingredients like  Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil, Organic Kakadu Plum Extract and Organic Argan oil.

Dry your hair properly

Leaving the house with hair that hasn’t been dried properly in cold weather is not A’’ok. Your hair can actually freeze and begin to break off. Make sure you completely dry your hair after washing but always use heat protection, including leave-in conditioners, to prevent breakage.

Bonus tip; drying your hair with an old t-shirt rather than a towel is way less abrasive and can help keep fuzz at bay.  And don’t wrap it up around your head as this will cause breakages at the scalp.

Commit to weekly deep conditioning treatments

If you’ve been a bit slack with the deep conditioning treatments, winter the time to become a stickler for them. A deep conditioning treatment once a week is a must to avoid dry winter hair.  These treatments can help replace lost moisture and pump hydration back into limp locks.

Static is common during winter months and those fine strands floating around your head like a hairy halo will be minimised with regular deep conditioning treatments. So will sleeping with a satin pillowcase.

Our Coconut Oil Hair Conditioning Treatment is perfect for those deep conditioning sessions. Enriched with Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Argan Oil to help to repair stressed, dry or damaged hair; this formula will strengthen your hair and bringing it back to life.

 Invest in a humidifier

When you think of a humidifier, we don’t blame you for thinking humidity = all kinds of hair disasters. But hear us out.

A humidifier puts additional moisture back in the air, and in winter, the air in your bedroom will be drier than summer. This drier atmosphere leads to loss of moisture in hair, and skin; a humidifier will benefit both. Basically, a humidifier will stop hair drying out and to double up on the benefits, use a nighttime hair treatment, pop on the humidifier and wake up with #amaze hair.

Happy humidifying we say!

Regular trims and rethink the colour?

Split ends abound during winter. Keep them at bay with regular trips to the salon. Winter is a good time to dial down your blonde ambition. As stunning as platinum blonde can be, it’s super damaging to the hair. This damage can be amplified during the cooler months leading to straw dry winter hair. Maybe it’s time to rock a darker shade and save your tresses the stress.

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