8 Reasons Your Skin Is Still Breaking Out

A great skin care routine plays a key role in keeping your skin healthy but there are other factors that lead to breakouts.

Here are 8 reasons why you may still be breaking out, even if you’re using the right certified organic skin care products.

You’re scrubbing too hard

It’s tempting to really let loose with the exfoliator in the quest for a smooth, clear complexion. While regular exfoliation is great for your skin, if you scrub too hard or use products that are too abrasive, you’ll end up with irritated skin prone to breakouts.

Instead of using a rough face cloth to massage the product into your face, just use clean hands and take it easy! Massage in small circular motions moving upward.

You’re not cleansing for long enough

A quick splash of water and a hasty 10 seconds spent washing your face does not make for an effective daily cleanse.

Spend 30 - 45 seconds massaging the cleanser into your skin, giving it time to work its magic and lift away breakout-causing bacteria from deep down in the pore. 

Any traces of product left on your skin may clog pores, so you should be just as thorough when rinsing your face.  Following up your cleanser with a toner is the best way to remove any final residue.

Dirty pillowcases and sheets

It’s pretty icky to think about but your bed can be a serious breeding ground for bacteria and you spend quite a bit of your time there!

If you don’t change your sheets and pillowcases regularly, you’re exposing your face to a build-up of body oil, sweat and sloughed off skin. That’s a breakout waiting to happen.

Your phone is a petri dish

Our phones are teeming with bacteria. A recent study revealed they have 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. If that isn’t disgusting enough, we press them right up against our cheeks so it’s hardly surprising they cause breakouts. It’s also the constant pressing action that can irritate skin and clog pores.

How to solve the problem of a petri dish phone? Regularly wipe down the screen with gentle cleansing wipes and use the speaker button, a hands-free microphone, or hold your phone away from your cheek.

Hair products

Hair care doesn’t really stop at our hair. Our skin also experiences the effect of whatever products we use in our hair. When rinsing your shampoo and conditioner out, our face is exposed to these ingredients which can potentially disrupt a healthy skin care routine.

One of the most common chemicals in synthetic shampoo is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS). It’s the ingredient that makes your shampoo foam up.

SLS is also used in engine degreasers, floor cleaners, and car wash products! Not a healthy ingredient to have your skin, or your hair, to come in contact with. Our Coconut Oil Shampoo is toxin-free and enriched with organic coconut oil for healthy, strong and manageable hair, naturally.

Not using a clean face cloth

If you’re using a washcloth to clean your face, it needs to be replaced with a clean one each day. Bacteria grows in moist environments and even after one use, a face cloth can become your skin’s enemy, harbouring breakout-causing bacteria. The same goes for the towel you use to dry your face.

Unless you want to switch to a new washcloth every day, stick to using your clean hands to cleanse and apply products.


If you’ve got a breakout situation happening, it can be tempting to cover it up with concealer, foundation and powder. The problem is, there are a bunch of synthetic ingredients in makeup that make things worse by clogging pores and triggering more breakouts. These include parabens and petrochemicals to alcohol and silicone.

The answer is non-comedogenic products -  makeup designed specifically not to block your pores. Swap your skin suffocating, heavy foundation for mineral powders and oil-free products. These sit on top of your skin rather than being absorbed into the pores.

Your fitness mat

Yoga might be doing amazing things for your glutes, but if you’re using a dirty mat,  it’s not doing your face any favours.

When skin comes in contact with all the nasties lurking in an unwashed mat, it’s exposed to breakout-causing bacteria. Or worse, infections like ringworm or a staph.

Don’t let sweat and oil accumulate in your mat. Use a non-toxic cleaner to wipe down your mat after each use and on a weekly basis hose down or soak your mat for a deep clean then leave out to dry.

Kelapa Organics is a range of Australian made organic skin care products.  We’re proud to bring you certified organic skincare free from harmful toxins and never tested on animals.

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