4 organic beauty products for a minimalist skincare routine

10 step, complex beauty routines may work when you have a million hours to spend on skincare every day but realistically, who does? Choosing a select few organic skincare products for a minimalist skincare routine can deliver beautiful results, without the fuss.

Let’s take a look at the staple products of a simple, but super effective minimalist organic skincare routine.


It goes without saying that washing your face is a key step in achieving an oh so glowy complexion. Your cleanser of choice should be suitable for your skin type and contain ingredients that feed your skin a bunch of beautifying nutrients and prepare it to absorb a moisturiser.

Don’t get so minimalist that you use soap meant only for your body, on your face too. Many body soaps contain harsh chemicals that strip natural oils from the skin and leave your face primed for a breakout.

Happy skin tipIt’s a good idea to double cleanse. The first cleanse removes makeup – which means you won’t need a separate makeup remover #minimalistwin –  and build up of debris on the surface. The second time around, the cleanse can penetrate deeper into the skin, lifting the harder to oil and dirt.


Next on the list of organic beauty products in your minimalist skin care routine is moisturiser. Hydrated skin is healthy skin because it can function at its optimal state. Hydrated skin rapidly turns over fresh cells, which means a brighter, plumper looking complexion. Skipping the moisturiser can leave skin feeling and looking dry, which means wrinkles and lines become more obvious. Um, no thanks!

A good moisturiser creates a barrier on your skin, it holds water into the skin, reducing  Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (a fancy way of saying the water we lose through our skin) and keeps environmental pollutants out.

Happy skin tip: Maximise the benefits and absorption of your moisturiser by applying it immediately after cleansing.


When old skin cells begin to pile up on the outer layer of your skin, your complexion is going to be more dry, flaky and dull than fresh-faced beauty.

Using an exfoliant speeds up the skin cell turn over, revealing fresh skin and polishing away dead cells from pores, making them appear smaller and cleaner. All good reasons for an exfoliant to get our vote of organic beauty products to make the cut for a minimalist routine.

Happy skin tip: Opt for exfoliants with finer granules, some commercial brands have large granules which can scrape the skin and do more harm than good. Big granules do not equal a better exfoliation.


Sunscreen is a must for any healthy beauty regime, whether you’re down with the minimalist skincare routine or a total skincare junkie, sunscreen is non-negotiable. Repeat: non-negotiable.  

Sunscreen helps prevent premature ageing caused by the sun’s UVA rays. This is one of the most convincing reasons to have it in your skincare routine! It also protects essential skin proteins like keratin, collagen and elastin and lowers the risk of skin cancer caused by UVB rays. If your moisturiser contains at least SPF 15 you can even knock a separate sunscreen off your list. Check you out, you uber skincare minimalist!

Happy skin tip: Wait 15 minutes after you’ve applied moisturiser before applying sunscreen.

Ready to get back to basics with a minimalist skincare routine? Here’s our pick of organic skincare products from our very own Kelapa Organics range; perfect for a pared down routine:  Cream Cleanser,  SPF 15 Face Moisturiser and  Gentle Face Scrub.

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